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Open the door to a life you will love to live! You are the key!

You can reach your goals and make positive changes in your life by tapping into your subconscious mind! When you become aware of blocks you may have, then it is much easier to move around, over or through them and move forward in your life! 

Rene Brent is very proud to announce that she is on faculty as the Director for the Orlando Florida Externship Program for Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. She is very passionate about her work and feels blessed to be a part of training other qualified Hypnotherapist.

We are happy to share 5 easy tips so you can begin to train your brain to practice happy, accept "what is " and find success.

Just fill out the contact form and we will be happy to send these tips to you free, so you can begin to make those changes today and live the life you desire.

It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys the process.

Rene Brent is happy to do a free half hour session over the phone or in the office. You can ask any questions you may have about Hypnosis and find out how it could work for you.

Just give us a call 407-497-5285 at  your conveniece .

Comfort Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your Hypnosis experience at the end of your first session, your session will be free.

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